6 Ways of making the safe internet for your children

The digital era is increasingly easy to be enjoyed by all ages and all circles today. Its impossible Moms refuse and dodge this reality.

Whatever the kids want to know, it’s all browsers or views on YouTube. One side, this is a great blessing. Children have an abundance of

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Therefore, one of the most important things to do is that the parents need to take is to do everything possible to become a ‘censorship agency’

of the child’s impressions, readings, or gadgets. Can not by repressive measures, but rather requires discussion and cooperation with children,

in order to foster a strong child’s character against temptation. The trick can take some actions below

1. Give explanation and understanding. When you see the child is getting familiar with the impressions, readings, or games, we need to explain

which ones are allowed, which are not, or which should not be at all. Certainly with reason.

2. Control and direction. Children are not enough to be given understanding. There needs to be direct control though not always. On the other

hand, if controlled, this is not good either. Therefore, it needs to be directed.

3. Agree on a number of behaviors. For example agreeing hours, how long, or place. The more comfortable and the more awake his privacy, there

is the possibility of getting closer to him with the source of danger. Therefore, agree on the rules of the game.

4. Awaken self-leadership. No parent can protect his child all the time. Therefore, the most important is how children learn to keep themselves

(leader). The trick is often to invite dialogue to know his attitude, rationalization or mental to negative impressions or by teaching values

as a bastion of self.

5. Continuous learning. Parents need to enrich themselves with a variety of knowledge, including what is appropriate for children, and what is

not yet consumed by children. For that, parents need to understand which movie is worth watching by children, and obey it.

6. The same goes for games and gadgets. Also complete computers, laptops, and gadgets that kids often use with software or child-proof