Experiment with Hairstyle by Still Adjusting the Face Shape

When you know what your face and hairstyle look like, start experimenting. Try new forms that are rarely used by others. Besides being able to sweeten your appearance, it can also build up your style. If you want to find out Hairstyles for Black Women, you can visit our website.

The point is brave and doesn’t be easily offended when someone comments about your appearance. The following are some examples of easy and simple variations of hair models.

1. Bob’s Cut Variation for Round Face

A round face structure is not an obstacle to creating your hair. Choosing pieces of the bob is indeed a bold step. However, you can still give little creations to the bob pieces to make them more modern and unique. Add a little simple bun and slightly upwards. Thin your bangs, because thick bangs will make the face more rounded. With this bob creation, you will look more funny and feminine.

2. Long Wavy Hair and Little Braided

Long and wavy hair is normal. If you want to be more unique and can bring up a separate character, add a little braid. Braids are only in a few parts, not in most hair like ponytails. That way, your long hair will remain beautiful. Braids are only sweetening accents. Take a small part of the hair on the right and left side, then make three-strand braids. Braid style like this is a piece of the elves in the fiction story of The Hobbit. One of the figures with this hairstyle and can be used as inspiration is Tauriel.

Good luck and hopefully your face is emitted maximum after arranging your hair in such a way. No need to feel inferior and disappointed with the shape of the face that God gave you. In fact, you can still look stunning as long as you position yourself with the right hairstyle.