Mastering English Through Films With These Three Ways

Everyone certainly realizes that English is certainly the main language in the world. So many people learn it well. In fact, there are many people who learn arabic english to be able to hone their language skills in two languages ??at once.

For English, there are some tips so you can master English from movies.

1. Choose a movie that you already know
If you are a beginner, choose from a movie that you have watched. Because you already know the plot, so it’s easier. You only need to focus on capturing language and sentences that you think will often be used or interesting.

2. Use subtitles / translations
It is recommended to keep using subtitles if it is still a beginner level. Make sure you choose a movie with a good translation. Using subtitles will make you easier to understand. If you are more proficient, you can eliminate subtitles.

3. Start from a small scale
Watching for the purpose of learning might be more tiring than watching for entertainment. Especially for beginners. You might often rewind to hear the previous sentence that you didn’t catch.