Meditation to Overcome Stress and Disease

Many people think that meditation requires quiet space or special music. Though you can do it at any time, for example when waiting for a bus to come, on foot, or in a traffic jam. If you want to do a group meditation, you can visit our website.

Meditation is to train the focus of the mind so that it has a clear view of the current condition and remains calm. This practice is generally carried out by sitting quietly by arranging to breathe slowly and regularly for at least 15-20 minutes. Meditation can be done by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. This activity does not require special equipment or fees. If practiced regularly, practices that have existed for thousands of years ago are believed to have many health benefits, including for mental health.

How Meditation Works
The body responds to stress by releasing the hormones epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine which cause heart rate, blood flow, and increased blood pressure. Meditation can reduce heart rate again. In addition, meditation can also regulate blood flow and pressure to be normal. When meditating, you also practice putting aside various negative thoughts, which can cause stress. This makes the mind calmer than before. In addition, meditation is also thought to be effective in activating gamma waves in the brain that play a role in the learning process, concentration, memory, and awareness. Therefore, meditation is believed to be able to produce positive emotions in the form of happiness.

Various benefits of meditation are believed to provide peace and balance of the soul so that emotions and body health are stable overall. This benefit will not only be felt as long as you do meditation but will be felt in daily activities. Meditation is now widely used as a way to deal with mental and physical disorders, including:

– Addiction, such as nicotine addiction, drugs, and alcohol.
– Depression, stress, and anxiety.
– Pain
– High blood pressure.

In addition, meditation plays a role in emotional health by bringing the following benefits:

– Increase self-awareness.
– Supports general focus capabilities.
– Reduces negative emotions.
– Train yourself to manage stress by looking from the other side.