Addition To Photo Booth, These are Two Choice Of Souvenirs For Your Party

At a party, you will certainly present various interesting things so that guests can be impressed with the party. for that, you also have to get an interesting vendor for the photo booth. one of them is sewa photobooth jakarta so then you will get the photo booth you need.

If you do not want to use a photo booth, then these two things can be the right choice.

– A caricature artist

The presence of caricature artists who can personally draw the faces of each guest will certainly be an exciting idea at casual weddings with a few invited guests. They can bring the picture home as a wedding souvenir that is full of impression and humor.

– Polaroid photo

If you don’t want to rent a photo booth at your wedding, you can provide several Polaroid cameras or instant cameras in some areas of the room. That way the invited guests can take pictures more freely and freely, the results can be brought directly home.