Some of the Wrong Thoughts in Throwing Trash in This Cinema You Must Remove

Going to the cinema is certainly an entertainment for those who are too tired to work. Many people always take the time to go to the movies. However, to enjoy the movie you want, you must have a ticket first. You can get it and check it at AMC ticket prices. With that, you don’t need to queue to get the ticket you need.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the cinema who always throw litter and do not bring it back outside. In fact, there are some wrong thoughts when you feel that throwing garbage in the theater is a natural thing. Some of the wrong thoughts that you usually do are

1. Think that you have paid the ticket so that you no longer need to throw garbage in its place
The term “consumer is king” should not be misunderstood by having the right to do anything. It’s the same if you throw banana skin carelessly on the floor of your house and think that there is a maid, it can be like slavery. This is not a matter of paying, but about how to humanize other people and humanize your own heart.

2. Think that there is already a janitor so you are free to throw garbage anywhere
Throwing garbage in its place is an ethic that applies to everyone. After all, with a very short cleaning time for each studio, the janitor can focus more on ensuring that the studio where you watch is free of dust and remains in good health, without adding trash that is placed carelessly.

3. There is no nearest trash can in the theater so you have to throw it in the trash in the lobby
In fact, most of the population of developed countries, from whatever circles, are accustomed to bagging and carrying their garbage until they find a trash can. Even the Japanese people, who are in places that are quite sparse, will carry them home. Not as heavy as garbage to carry, it’s just a matter of getting used to not most reasons for something good.