Know What Type of Electric Vehicle You Can Have

Nowadays many people have realized that the existence of vehicles with smoke and pollution released will be very bad for health. Because of this, many people end up using an electric scooter singapore as the right vehicle for their activities every day. That way, the smoke that will be released will not be much and will not produce pollution that can disturb the environment and the air for them to breathe.

For that, there are now many electric or eco-friendly vehicles that exist in some countries. In fact, this vehicle is considered cheaper and safer than the usual vehicle. There are several types of vehicles, such as an electric scooter and electric car. For a car that has this electrical power, you can use it in various outdoors that you are running. there are several types that you can choose.

1. electric car
This type of electric cars relies on batteries to be able to walk on the streets. The most important part of this type of car there is five parts. Some of them are
– Electric motor
– Battery (Accu)
– Control system
– Charger
– Energy management system
The five tools work very well to be able to move the car.

2. Hybrid Cars
As a solution to save gasoline and overcome environmental pollution. How electricity works with regenerative principle is in hybrid engines. Unlike the fully electric car, the car can not recharge their electricity. When the electricity is exhausted, the battery or battery should be charged with a special charge process within 8 to 12 hours. Especially for this machine, the electricity can recharge to batteries by utilizing kinetic energy when the braking process occurs.

In addition to electric cars, of course, there is an electric scooter is also no less good and have a very amazing quality. This happens because the electric scooter will be able to reduce the various pollution caused by the smoke of vehicles that are very disturbing breathing and your own health.