The simple tips you need for maintaining your AC

If you’re often repairing your air conditioner, or even buying the new ones over and over again, then perhaps, aside from checking the quality brands, you also need to know the simple ways for maintaining your air conditioner in your home. Right now, we’d like to share with you some very easy tips for keeping your AC working for a longer time, all the while avoiding the expensive repair fee. Meanwhile, you can visit a trusted air conditioning service when your AC needs a proper repair.

Cleaning the AC from dust regularly

Although it’s actually normal for an air conditioner to have dust stacks on its body and inner parts, you can expect that the excessive amount of it may damage the AC itself. Therefore, we recommend you to clean it at least once in five to six months, so it won’t be too dirty, and it won’t lose its coolness.

Watch the leaking rainwater

Some AC brands may be able to resist some drops of water, but some others might don’t. That’s why you need to pay attention to any leak of rainwater from your roof that may damage your AC.