Creating Walls and Roofs

The walls and roofs are the most important part of a building but are two separate elements of a very close place time, however, these two elements can be combined and made into an integral whole. Examples can be seen on the back of the upper floor, between the walls and the roof together and form a large arch. This curved wall and roof shape is more easily applied to buildings consisting of two floors. Pay close attention to the lower floor, exactly on the left terrace. In that place, there is a pillar or pole whose height reaches the top of the second floor. This pillar is used as a wooden load holder that becomes the main frame for the unification of roof and back wall. Some other frames are mounted transversely on the sides and center. The work of making this transverse framework is the most difficult part and must be done by roof repair experts because it requires a lot of wood and large enough and very accurate and accurate calculations.

The technique of grafting can use iron plates which are also made curved in accordance with the grooves on wooden arches. The iron plate is then used as a medium to connect between one curved wood with another curved wood using a strong screw. The arrangement of the wooden arch is then mounted starting from the floor to reach a pole mounted transversely on the pillars or pillars. After all, the wooden arch arrangement is installed, a new wall or roof can be mounted on it. The material used is also wood of the same size with wood to install roof tiles but thinner, as for how the installation is arranged in a row and cross along the grooves of wooden arches.

The arrangement must be meeting so as not to generate a gap at all, this work can be started from the floor then continue up to reach the front or could be otherwise. After that, the arrangement of wood is then coated with aluminum or other materials whose use is to provide protection from the heat of sunlight and rain falling water. So the wood will remain durable and durable, in addition to the cover layer is also useful to avoid the occurrence of leaks when using so that water can not get into the room.