Will Children With Ovarian Cancer Be Difficult To Have Hereditary?

There are various health problems that can affect the female reproductive organs, one of which is ovarian cancer. A woman’s chances of developing ovarian hope4cancer reviews will increase with age, especially if she has had a history of pregnancy before. But what if this is suffered by children? Does ovarian cancer in girls cause it to be difficult to have offspring?

Ovarian cancer is very rare in women under the age of 40 years. Even as many as 50 percents of cases of ovarian cancer occur in women aged 63 years or older. Although most sufferers are women after the age of fertile, does not mean this disease cannot be suffered by girls.

Girls who are less likely to have mature reproductive organs are no less at risk for ovarian cancer if they have a family history of the disease. For example, a girl born to a mother suffering from ovarian cancer, then the possibility to suffer from ovarian cancer will be higher than other girls. Thus, this proves that age and reproductive history are not the only risk factors for ovarian cancer. In addition to family history, other factors that increase the risk of female ovarian cancer are:

– Genetics
Some gene mutations from fathers and mothers are significantly able to increase a girl’s risk for ovarian cancer.

– Obesity
Girls who have nutritional status obesity or overweight, more at risk of ovarian cancer than his age friends who are normal weight. Ovarian cancer in girls does have a much less risk factor when compared with ovarian cancer that affects adult women. The reason, there are some other things that increase the risk of ovarian cancer of adult women, such as the consumption of contraceptive pills, consumption of fertility drugs, history of breast cancer, and suffering from endometriosis. While these factors have not occurred at the age of girls.